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Bulk Tequila

Tequila is a spirit produced from the sugars of the agave Tequilana Weber plant grown in one of the five states in Mexico that have the right to the label of controlled origin.

Agave plants that are at least six to seven years old are collected and the foliage is removed. Only the core of the plant, the piñ a is cooked and then pressed to extract the agave juice. The sugars in the juice are then fermented and distilled in pot stills to produce tequila.

rudolf prehn bulk tequila This is the most popular tequila variety, classified as Silver (or White) and Gold. It is produced from at least 51% agave sugars.

We supply tequila mixto in bulk with a soft and pleasant character or alternatively with a more prominent agave note.

prehn bulk spirits tequila The Regulating Council of the Tequila (CRT) requires the registration of all tequila bottlers. We carry out these formalities on your behalf with the authorities in Mexico.

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