Rudolf Prehn GmbH
Rudolf Prehn GmbH

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We are a leading supplier of:

prehn bulk spirits ethanol

Ethyl Alcohol

We are distributors of ethyl alcohol (ethanol) to food and alcoholic beverage companies and pharmaceutical users.

We have joint-venture agreements with high-quality producers of ethanol from agricultural origin to ensure reliability.

prehn bulk bourbon ethanol

We pride ourselves on supplying consistent quality over time. Our distilleries are ISO certified and our loadings supervised by independent surveyors.

We essentially supply 3 qualities of fermentation ethyl alcohol:

prehn bulk whiskey ethanol
  • min. 95%vol
  • min. 96%vol
  • min. 99.7 - 99.9%vol

We also supply min 96%vol. organic ethanol that is fully certified .

We supply ethyl alcohol in ISO tanks and drums. For details of our packaging, click here.

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