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Rudolf Prehn GmbH

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rudolf prehn history Rudolf Prehn founded the business in 1930 in the bustling trading hub of Hamburg, Germany, with the intention of being the leading European specialist producer and exporter of wines, liquors and distillates. This is where the now third generation business began its rise.

Rudolf Prehn forged strong joint ventures with the leading producers of wines and spirits all across Europe. He continued the business during World War II and his mastery of working in the most difficult of circumstances bode him and his successors well.

prehn bulk spirits history Guenter Prehn followed in his father's footsteps, after studying economics and years of experience in the commodity trade and marine bulk transport businessin both New York and Geneva. The business continued to grow in Europe, the Middle East and in South America. At the same time, its investments in joint ventures in France, Spain and elsewhere increased significantly combining tradition with state of the art facilities. As a result, the company has become one of the largest suppliers of wine based products in Europe and Asia-Pacific.

prehn bulk bourbon history Rudolf Prehn GmbH's business has grown particularly successfully in Asia-Pacific over the past ten years. Gunter Prehn's son, Nikolas, manages the Asia-Pacific business from Hong Kong. Nikolas Prehn represents the 3rd generation and has years of experience, having previously worked in the family's different production sites in Europe and their Hamburg offices, and is a qualified Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales. Today Gunter and Nikolas Prehn work side by side to manage imports and exports, quality control and product development. They are supported by experienced office staff and distillers and oenologists at their production facilities.

Since 1930, Rudolf Prehn GmbH has become renown for innovative product development in the wine and spirit industry. The company is proud of its past and the specialist expertise gained. "We have always been extremely forward-thinking and we have a clear vision for our business across all continents, which is both assured and exciting for Rudolf Prehn GmbH and our staff", says Nikolas Prehn.

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